Chief Justice says attempts at Court interference on the rise

Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC), Dame Janice Pereria, has said that attempts at judicial interference are on the rise.

Pereria however made it clear that there had only been attempts, but did not elaborate.

“These attempts emanate from places and persons and by methods which you would least expect,” the Chief Justice stated in an address here yesterday to mark the opening of the law year.

She told legal minds gathered at the National Cultural Centre that the judiciary as an institution and  through its judicial officers must remain resolute and  focused in their mandate to  ensure equal access to justice and equal justice.

“They must fiercely, unhesitatingly and without fear or favour guard and defend their role as protectors and enforcers of the rule of law – the guardians of our constitutions. That must remain our mission – a mission which in every respect is one of the highest callings in a free society,” Pereria declared.

Earlier in her widely broadcast address, the sub-region’s top judicial officer told her audience that it was fair to say that court has grown from strength to strength, remaining steadfast to its mandate in striving to provide access to a  system of justice that is fair, efficient accountable and independent.

“ This is the yardstick by which we must be held accountable by the citizens of the region whom we serve,” she said.