Homeless man found bag of bombs

New York Daily News:-Another man’s treasure led a pair of good Samaritans to the deadly bomb cache planted by the alleged Chelsea bomber in New Jersey.

Pals Ivan White and Lee Parker stopped to check out a brand new bag sitting on top of a metal trash can while walking near the train station Sunday evening in Elizabeth.

Parker, who is unemployed and homeless, grabbed the bag for storing his lunch for a construction gig he wanted, he told CBS New York.

“I said, ‘This is fine. I can have this to work,’” Parker recalled.

As the duo continued to walk toward underpass near the Elizabeth train station, he realized the bag was heavier than expected and his heart raced.

He handed his find to White, a retiree, to investigate. The contents — a jumble of wires and a pipe — were familiar — and terrifying.

“This is a bomb. We need to go get the police,” White said.

Federal agents and police flocked to the explosive find five miles south of Newark with the intention of disarming each of the five devices stashed in the bag, but as a bomb robot tried snipping a wire, it detonated. The powerful blast damaged the robot.

“That could have been me,” said Parker, recalling the moments he walked with the bag. “I could have been that robot.”

“I don’t know why God signed me up to find that, but he did,” Parker added.

The bomb find in Elizabeth set off a whirlwind of developments 24 hours after a pressure cooker bomb ripped through a Chelsea street, wounding 31 people in Manhattan. By Monday morning, the NYPD buzzed New Yorkers with a jarring emergency alerts naming Ahmad Khan Rahami as their prime suspect and barely two hours later, the 28-year-old was in custody after a gunfight with police.