Minister apologizes for police shooting

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has made an apology for the police shooting of  Bagatelle resident, Manassa Brown, who was wounded last month by the police.

Francis told the Times that an investigation has revealed that 22 year old Brown was not in any way involved in an incident at Bagatelle in which a police officer was fired upon.

In an unprecedented move, the Minister told the Times he met with the victim’s mother and aunt in his office and apologized to them for the incident which  resulted in the hospitalization of the twenty-nine year old.

He promised that the matter will be referred to the Attorney General so that some form of compensation can be discussed.

“I am not sure how that matter will pan out but we are investigating further to determine whether the police officer was negligent or it was just a mistake on his part,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner said in an interview with the Times.

Francis told the Times that he intends to ensure  that police matters that are brought before him are thoroughly  investigated in a professional manner.

Shooting victim, Manassa Brown, had told the Times in an interview last month shortly after he was wounded, that the police shooting was unprovoked.

He sustained a gunshot wound to the lower abdomen.