River Day at River Doree, Choiseul

PRESS RELEASE:-The Choiseul Creole Planning Committee is pleased to announce the next event on the community’s calendar of activities for Creole Heritage Month / Jounen Kweyol 2016.

Lovers of Creole culture will converge at the River Doree river for a ‘River Day’ on Saturday 24th September. The event will include traditional washing; setting clothes out on river stones, the pounding of clothes with coconut branches and the practice known as “Cho cho had” (the vigorous washing of clothes by hand).

The aroma of roasted breadfruit, crayfish, and coconut cake is sure to entice and conjure up memories of the long days spent by the river, during a time when most households were not yet furnished with running water.

Live entertainment will keep the mood upbeat from 10am well into the night.

All members of the public are invited to be a part of this tradition of yesteryear with good, clean fun at the River Doree river. The planning committee invites everyone to bring their entire family…bring your clothes for washing…your sardines for roasting and, help keep our kweyol traditions and culture alive.

Kweyol se kilte nou!

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