Pregnant girlfriend seeking answers in shooting death of Marigot man

The pregnant girlfriend of Marigot resident, Mervin Francis, wants answers after he was fatally shot last night in the community where he lived.

Thirty-two year old Francesca Raymond indicated to the Times that what happened is a mystery to her.

“Somebody came last night to tell me that they saw his shoe on the road and before they walked up the road they heard some gunshots,” Raymond recalled.

She said she relayed the information to the brother of the deceased who went to investigate.

The body of Francis, who Raymond disclosed was employed as a Water Taxi Operator, was later found.

Raymond said she is currently six months pregnant with his child.

Francis reportedly has three children, aged 12, 15 and 17 with another woman.

Asked whether the thirty-six year old deceased had problems with anyone, his girlfriend said  that she was not aware of that.

A close friend however told the Times that the deceased had been accused of involvement in a shooting in the community.