Universal Church Helps people in St Lucia

The HOPE FOR DENNERY PROJECT brought by the Universal Church and Stop Suffering TV Show was held on Sunday the 25th of September and more than 1.500 people gave the support to this great event in Dennery.

“This event brought hope for us and for our young people and we are thankful for the work of the Universal Church here in the community ” said Miss Carol

“We were surprised to see so many people coming to give the support and I not even knew what to cook for my children tonight, someone knock my door and said that the Universal Church was giving away food and we came and received our parcel” said a single mother of five children.

The elderly got to check their blood pressure and the children enjoy the Bounce-Castle and popcorn that was been Distributed by the CBC (Children‘s Biblical Center) another supporter of the Universal Church that takes care of Children that had suffered abuse or face any trauma.

The YPG (Youth Power Group) opened the event giving a message of strength for the youths and showing with true life stories that they can be able to change their future starting with one step  of faith.
“I use to be addicted and womanizer, disrespectful to my mother and suffering with unemployment, after coming to the YPG my life changed completely” said a 20 yr old man named Yanic Charles

The HOPE PROJECT will have its continuation in many communities throughout the Island bringing help for those who are in need said Pastor Joseph incharge for the Missionary Work of the Universal Church in Saint Lucia-.

Sponsors are welcome and just need to contact the Universal Church on this numbers #730-4040 / 730-2343


  1. church guy
    September 30, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    you see what i don’t like, people out there praising the pastor’s, thinking that its the pastor’s thats the universal church,, thinking is the pastor’s that are contributing to give the people,, but NO,, no pastor’s,, no pastor’s wives,, no bishop’s, no wives,, not even the owner/founder of the church which is a bilionare in brazil that ever contibute $1 towards the things that was given to the people,, its the same poor people that comming to the church, the congcrigation,, they asking to bring what they can to give to the other poor people,, like they asking the poor to feed the poor,, everything the pastor’s doing is the people comming to church they asking,, even to pay their work pirmit they asking the people money,, why don’t they ask their boss, the owner of the church to send money for them to pay their pirmit, their’s 5 church services for a day, every church service collecting tighves and offering, they having the most campagins just to collect money,, making the people to bring all their little monies in and tell them its for god,, and god will give them more,, the owner of the church is not god,,the pastor’s never ask their boss to send money for them to buy or to pay any thing,, for them to buy chairs for the church they giving an envlop and asking everybody can they donnate money to buy it, so how can they say they are helping people, when they always asking for help from the people them selves,, MAY GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE THATS GIVING AND SHARING WITH OTHERS

  2. Anonymous
    September 30, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    May God continue to have his way. Blessings always