WASCO Southern Network water supply schedule for September 26, 2016

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) wishes to advise of water schedule for communities in the Southern part of the island, for today Monday 26th September  2016.
Ø  Main Canaries Primary System: In operation
Ø  Anse la Verdue:  In operation

Ø  Ruby: In operation (Ruby river source in operation; spring source in operation)
Ø  Fond St. Jacques 1: In operation (Slight increase in flows at intake, due to construction of another intake)
Ø  Fond St. Jacques 2: In operation
Ø  Diamond 1: In operation
Ø  Diamond 2: In operation
Ø  Bouton: In operation

Ø  Delcer: In operation
Ø  Saltibus Upper: In operation
Ø  Saltibus Lower: In operation
Ø  Toucousson: In operation

Ø  Grace: In operation
Ø  Beausejour: All areas being fed from Grace

5.      MICOUD
Ø  Micoud Primary system: Low pressure
o   a result the following areas will be affected: Lombard tank, Mon Repos, Patience, Malgretoute, La Point, Coolie Town, Fox Groove Inn, Mamiku Gardens, Praslin
Ø  Patience:  In operation
Ø  Belle Vue: In operation
Ø  Desruisseaux: Low pressure; caretaker investigating
o   As a result the following areas will be affected: Desruisseaux, Blanchard, Ti Rocher, Dugard, Pabouche, La Couville, Leslie, Domel, Anse ger, Cannelles, Fond ‘Or,  and Beauchamp. Customers are asked to store an adequate amount of water for use, during the duration of this interruption. Regular water supply will be restored as soon as works are completed.

6.      DENNERY
Ø  Errard: High tubidity
a result the following areas will be affected: Bois Jolie tank, Dennery Village (Rocky Lane, Green Mountain, Hospital Rd., New Field, Over The Bridge, Anse Canot
Ø  Thomazo: High tubidity
a result the following areas will be affected: Morne Panache tank, Debonnaire tank, Thomazo, Grand Riviere, Grand Ravine

Ø  Aux Lyon: In operation
Ø  Derniere Riviere: In operation
All other communities are being served, whilst we will maintain the supply of water to the aforementioned areas, there may be inconsistencies due to demand or damages which may occur on the lines.