Government Focuses on Creating More Resilient Agriculture Sector

Press Release:-“We are going to put all our efforts into revitalizing the agriculture sector as quickly as possible,” said Prime Minister Honourable Allen M. Chastanet before he set off on a tour of the island following heavy rain and winds from Tropical Storm Matthew.

The damage to the sector caused by the storm, which affected the island on Wednesday September 28th, is estimated be well over 80 percent.

The Prime Minister explained that he has already had discussions with several agencies to aid in the recovery efforts.

“The Minister of Agriculture and I have spoken at length about the way forward and this government has already had discussions with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and some countries that have already been assisting us with agriculture.

“We have made very good inroads with the UK market and the supermarket chains there. We will also be testing out the French market in January with 3000 boxes a week,” he explained. “Obviously this event will affect that but we know that the demand is there and the market is there and we are working on making it happen. We need to get production going as soon as possible. We have reached out to donor countries, the Mexicans, the Moroccans and the Taiwanese.”

Prime Minister Chastanet stressed that we needed to build a more resilient and sustainable agricultural sector and operate a surplus government so we can assist ourselves in such situations.

“Agriculture is an immense revenue earner for this country and a lot of families depend on this income,” Prime Minister Chastanet noted. “I know that they have felt in the past that they are on their own, but this government will not let them down and we are committed to the long term development of agriculture in this country.”

As part of further recovery efforts, the Prime Minister, along with other Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Opposition Parliamentarians, including the Leader of the Opposition, on Thursday received reports on the status of the island from the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), Lucelec, Wasco and other agencies.

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  1. honest hard working Lucian
    October 2, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    the government should start bringing in machines that will take banana trees downed by storm or just simply need thinning out and we can take these trees and make products from them there by allowing us to stay employed even after a storm,why don’t the government think about the people,we want to work,at least us that choose to work for our food not these lazy punks who want to steal for their food and booze and meth,taking from others who have worked honestly and hard for what we have,I doubt these punks will not be able to get my stuff with out getting chewed up bad by my dogs,but that’s besides the point,get these machines in to st Lucia and areas where banana trees are our livelihoods,instead of sitting around your table every day wondering what can we do,just do it help the people do something constructive for the people instead of drawing your huge salaries,while the people under your watch continue to suffer.