Fire Service reports over one hundred ambulance responses

The Saint Lucia Fire Service has reported 112 ambulance responses in the North and South of the Island over the holiday weekend.

Sixty-two of the responses were in the North and fifty in the South.

On Monday 3rd October, at approximately 4:20 p.m., the Fire Service responded to a call for ambulance assistance at the Roseau Beach.

According to a statement from the Fire Service, upon arrival of emergency personnel, one male individual was discovered lying on his back appearing to be unconscious.

The statement said CPR was initiated by the responding crew.

The patient, later identified as Nigel Emmanuel, was subsequently pronounced dead.

On Saturday 1st October, at approximately 11:50 a.m., the Fire Service responded to a call for ambulance assistance at the Soufriere Jetty.

Upon arrival of emergency personnel, it was disclosed that one male individual who was in distress while on a diving excursion was receiving CPR from staff of a local hotel.

The patient, a visitor to the Island according to reports,  was handed over to the responding emergency crew, who continued with CPR en route to the Soufriere Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, the Fire Service said.

Four cases of physical assault were also recorded.

The Fire Service responded to 1 call relating to a motor vehicle accident and transported two patients who were in a stable condition to the Victoria Hospital.

The two appeared to have sustained only minor injuries.

There were no fire calls reported.