NWU wants Minister to investigate “Industrial atrocities”.

Citing industrial atrocities in this country, the National Workers Union (NWU) has asserted in a letter to Labour Minister, Stephenson King, that employees are losing confidence in the Department of Labour.

In the September 21, 2016 letter to King, the NWU said it had undertaken an exercise prior to the Minister assuming office.

According to the union, the exercise revealed a number of issues that need addressing.

The NWU said according to the information it has obtained, many “unscrupulous” employers were still not paying overtime to employees who have completed the regular hours of work and are told to hold on and work overtime.

“ In the Sanitation and Garbage Collection Sector, the occupational safety and health requirements are not being adhered to and proper gear for workers undertaking such critical responsibilities are not issued,” the NWU letter stated.

It said an abuse of issuing contracts to ordinary workers seems rampant.

“Some of the arrangements provided in such contracts are dehumanizing and do not seek to create the job stability that is badly needed to plan one’s future,” the letter to King observed.

It requested the former Prime Minister’s urgent attention in bringing what was described as “all these industrial atrocities” to an immediate halt.

NWU President General Tyrone Maynard who signed the letter to King said he sees no reason for the administration to accept tender on Government projects by companies which continue to break the Labour Laws of Saint Lucia.

The letter to the Minister was copied to the Executive Director of the Saint Lucia Employers Federation, Joseph Alexander and the International Labour Organization.