Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Press Release:-Globally health institutions annually dedicate the month of October as a period to promote breast health and raise the platform of breast cancer prevention.

The Bureau of Health Education in the Ministry of Health and Wellness has for the past years undertaken awareness activities in collaboration with other Public Sector partners, NGO’s and the Corporate Sector to heighten awareness and encourage the adoption of healthy habits, primarily through the dissemination of information to promote healthy behaviour through interactive and creative strategies.

Over the years, this approach has helped in building a strong platform for engaging persons on being responsible for their breast health and by extension, their holistic health and well-being.

For the 2016 observance, the Bureau of Health Education has adopted the theme “Early Detection for Improved Protection.” The core activities which have been slated will specifically target government agencies, and private sector organizations, and includes:

  1. It Takes Three to Live More Healthy

Traditionally, women are known as being the carers and nurtures of any society. To benefit from this inherent trait, women who visit their health care provider during the month of October for their annual breast examination are encouraged to bring along two other women who have not previously had a beast examination done.

  1. Pink Fridays

 The staff of government agencies and private sector organizations are invited to dress in pink or decorate work stations in pink to generate visibility and demonstrate their championing of the cause of breast cancer prevention.

To add even greater value to this activity, staff members who dress in pink on the four Fridays within the month of October, should be encouraged to make a donation to a cancer charity of their choice.

At the end of the month, the Ministry of Health and Wellness will host an official hand-over ceremony where all participating work places will officially present their staff donations to the charity of their choice.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness extends an invitation to the management and staff of your organization to join this year’s observance as well collectively make a contribution to improve the health outcomes of our family, friends and co-workers.

For more information, you may contact Ms. Nadiege Smith, Family Life Educator, at 468-5342 or 285-5460.


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