Pardoned convicts rejoice after being released

Four convicts, pardoned by the  Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy, were released from prison yesterday.

Another convict was released earlier this year.

Kenon Frederick was previously released after serving time for manslaughter.

Martin Samson and Stephen Mongroo were serving life sentences for murder, while Luke James was incarcerated after a drug conviction.

Ambrose Lawrence was serving time for grievous harm.

“It’s a joy,”  Martin Samson, alias Rambo said of his release.

He disclosed that he had served twenty-eight years in prison and planned, having been released, to reunite with family.

“Prison is not a bed of roses – it’s tough inside of that place,” Samson explained.

He warned young people to stay away from jail.

“Praise Jah,” Samson declared.

He said he was not aware that he would have been released.

Another one of the prisoners who was pardoned compared his incarceration to being in exile for over twenty years and returning to readjust to the society.

“It is like being born again,” he said.

He too said that he was not aware that he would have been released.





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