Trinidad: No funeral as body of murdered man goes missing

Trinidad Express:-Murdered farmer Vijay Ramoutar could not be laid to rest today. The State lost his body. And attempt is now being made to find it.

He was abducted and his remains found a month later. It took five months for DNA testing to confirm his identity. And Ramoutar’s family had planned a cremation at the Shore of Peace.

However, when the funeral home arrived at the Forensic Science Centre in St James to collect Ramoutar’s remains on Thursday, it could not be found.

Ramoutar’s family described the ordeal as a “terrifying nightmare”.

And his relatives returned to the Forensic Science Centre in St James on Friday to search for his remains.

His brother, Sahadeo Ramoutar, said, “We came here this morning to look for ourselves. His body cannot disappear. The funeral home said when they came here on Thursday evening for the body it could not be found. This morning they told us the body is here they just cannot find it. What madness is this! We are not leaving here without my brother’s body.”

Another relative posted on social media that the family’s battle with the authorities began when Ramoutar was discovered missing five months ago. She said the police refused to take the missing person’s report and his family had to visit the police station several times.

She said a decomposed body was later found. Police believe the person’s throat had been slit, he was doused with acid and his body burnt.

“DNA testing was needed to confirm it was my uncle since it had become a murder investigation. The Government kept his body until confirmed. The DNA test was sent to the US two weeks late and we only got results this Monday. They confirmed it was my uncle Vijay, three months for DNA test?” she wrote.

Ramoutar’s funeral was planned for Friday.

But the family’s nightmare continued as the body has now gone missing.

Ramoutar’s niece continued, “The funeral home went to collect his body yesterday. His body could not be found. They have lost the body! The funeral is now cancelled. After the police did nothing to help us. Refused to do their job, they now claim to have misplaced the body. We all know dead bodies don’t walk and this body was purposefully removed. What is happening to this country?”

Sahadeo Ramoutar called on the authorities to explain what happened. He said too many things went wrong in his brother’s case and questioned whether his family would ever get justice.

Ramoutar said the family now has to hope his brother’s remains are found. “We are hoping to find it. We cannot say when we would have the funeral. Last night we had to call everyone we can telling them the funeral was cancelled. This is outrageous and it is too much for one family to go through,” he said.

Ramoutar’s abduction

Vijay Ramoutar went missing from his apartment at Dookie Street, Penal, on May 4. His gold Nissan Navara van was also missing. Ramoutar lived at Palo Seco but stayed at nights with his grandmother in Penal.

Relatives believe someone prized open the door to Ramoutar’s apartment and took him. His cellphone and laptop

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