Emma Hippolyte clears the air after Pigeon Island shooting

Former Gros Islet MP, Emma Hippolyte, has been clearing the air on the shooting incident at Pigeon Island.

Hippolyte’s  relative  was among two men who were wounded when gunmen opened fire on them.

Another man, identified as twenty-two year old Matado Len Winters of Balata, died as a result of the shooting.

The three men are reported to have been in a blue Nissan vehicle belonging to Hippolyte when the assailants opened fire.

Speaking to the Times, the former Minister of Commerce recalled that Saturday was her nephew’s birthday.

Hippolyte told the Times that she loaned the nephew her vehicle.

She explained that the nephew left her home at about 7:30 pm with her cousin.

“Apparently they picked up their friends and went to a barbecue that was at Pigeon Point,” Hippolyte told the Times.

He said it appears that two individuals were sitting at the back of the vehicle.

Hippolyte said she was told that they were her cousin and another young man.

“My cousin informed me that he was playing with his play station and he sort of saw a shadow over his play station and when he lifted up his head, somebody with a rag across their face or something was pointing something at him,” she disclosed.

The former Minister said the vehicle was shot at.

She said her cousin got injured in the arm, while a young man succumbed.

“As far as I know it was my nephew’s birthday and we gave him the vehicle to go out with his friends,” Hippolyte explained, adding that as far as she is aware, he was not involved in anything other than that.

She said that her cousin who was shot in the incident had the bullet removed from his body.

Hippolyte told the Times that the bullet went through his arm and became lodged in his shoulder.

The former Minister expressed condolences to the family of the young man who was killed in the incident.

She also expressed gratitude to all persons who called to express their concern.

Hippolyte lamented that Saint Lucia is losing its young men.

“We need to understand what is causing the anger among our young people,” she declared.