Pierre: SLP will support government in what is good for Saint Lucia

Philip J.Pierre, the leader of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), has told party faithful that the party is ready and willing to return to government, but will support the current administration in all that is good for Saint Lucia.

Pierre  addressed yesterday’s  closed session of the   of  the SLP’s 2016 Conference of Delegates at the Leon Hess Secondary School.

Speaking later in an interview with the Times, the SLP leader said:

“We like Saint Lucia and it is not our purpose to destroy Saint Lucia.”

Pierre stated that the SLP is ready to support the government in initiatives for Caribbean travel.

The former Minister of Tourism and Civil  Aviation told the Times that the SLP believes air travel needs to be rationalized and made more accessible.

However he made it clear that his opposition party will not support the government in its position of wanting to dismantle the  Aviation Authority.

“We think that is a regional institution that is years in the making and has experience,” Pierre told the Times.

He asserted that the government should not interfere with the body.

Pierre said it should remain independent so that it can take the correct decisions relating to safety.

“What makes air travel most important is safety,” the SLP leader explained, adding that the government should not interfere in safety issues.



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