Trusted male rapes, attacks Dennery woman with a meat cleaver

A man described as a trusted friend, is accused of raping and attacking a Dennery woman with a meat cleaver.

The woman, speaking to the Times from her bed at Victoria Hospital, recalled that after work the man offered to drop her home.

She said she and another female boarded the man’s car.

The victim explained that the man dropped off the other female.

But she told the Times that instead of taking her home, the man drove to a bushy area and forced her to have sex with him behind his vehicle.

“After he finished having sex the man give me a piece of toilet paper to wipe and  while I wiping, I had  my clothes on,  the man push me in the bush and he take his chopper from his car and started chopping me,” the badly injured women said.

She recounted that she tried to block the blows with her hands.

She said her assailant put his hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming and told her to shut up.

In a bizarre twist to the account the victim said after the meat cleaver attack, the attacker told her that he was going to get help and drove off with her purse which contained cash, a mobile telephone and other items.

“I asked God to lead me to the road,” the victim told the Times.

She recalled passing several homes and asking for help, to no avail.

The woman said that eventually she stopped a white van.

The Dennery resident said the male driver asked her what had happened and she told him, whereupon he drove her to the police station.

An ambulance later took her to hospital where she is currently nursing multiple injuries.

She said she is totally in the dark as to what may have provoked the attack.

“The guy was our good friend who used to come and play music for us but I was not expecting that from him,” the mother of three children told the Times.

Police have since arrested a man who is assisting them with investigations into the incident.



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