SMC Principal says bandits have to be stopped

Asserting that when the police take action against criminals there are all sorts of cries from  certain quarters of the society about law enforcers acting in a manner that is inappropriate, the Principal of Saint Mary’s College (SMC), Rowan Seon, has said that bandits  have to be stopped.

“They are not going to be hearing anything other than the sound of a bullet to make them stop apparently,” an obviously incensed Seon said in the aftermath of a break-in at SMC last night.

Last night’s attack on SMC was the latest in a spate of robberies at secondary schools in the Castries area.


“This is about five schools in a row in the last three weeks. What on earth is going on? Why are they attacking schools?” Seon said during today’s edition of Newsspin on Radio Caribbean International (RCI).

He declared that any attack on SMC  and other schools is an attack on Saint Lucia.

Seon said he was very disturbed about last night’s incident in which two guards were beaten and tied up.

“The security guards who were bound and beaten quite badly really – one was discharged from the hospital thankfully, but the second one has not been so lucky; he has been kept there for a scan, a CT scan, because there are concerns that there might be damage to his skull,” the SMC Principal disclosed.

Seon said a security officer who happened to be in the area and heard the sound of doors being smashed as the bandits sought to gain entry to several rooms in the school called the police.

He noted that the police arrived while the crime was in progress.

“They did not have time to infiltrate the entire school as they would have liked – they only got into three rooms of the two buildings and they were in the process of getting into a third when they were interrupted,” Seon stated.

smc-break-in-photoHe said:

“The police chased them off the compound and fired a volley of shots I gather – a little high and they did not actually strike any of them, but at least they were able to interrupt the activity that was going on.”

Seon raised the possibility of the criminals returning.

“We really are concerned that the society has deteriorated to this level where schools are being attacked mercilessly,” the Principal told RCI.

He also raised the possibility of school security being armed.

Seon revealed that he had been in contact with Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet and Castries North MP, Stephenson King about the incident.

He said the matter would have been discussed at cabinet.

“It is just sad and disgusting that we should have to deal with this,” Seon said.