Antigua: Elderly man found guilty of murder

Antigua Observer:-Umberto Schenato, the elderly man who was charged with murdering his ex-wife, Edda Schenato, has been found guilty after a trial that lasted a week and a-half, and after two hours of deliberations by the jury.

The killer was stoic after learning the decision of the 12-member jury. His attorney Lawrence Daniels said he would have no comment at least not until sentencing. However, he said his client was stunned by the verdict.

On the sunny afternoon of June 3, 2013, the 76 year old stabbed his former partner of 18 years multiple times in the upper body in the busy parking lot at Epicurean Supermarket.

Justice Darshan Ramdhani has set November 21 as the date for sentencing of the Italian-born civil engineer. And, November 8 is the deadline for the submission of a psychiatric report and Social Inquiry Report on the newly convicted murderer.

On Monday, Umberto’s lawyer had tried to convince the jurors that his client was not guilty as he argued that the man had no intention to kill Edda who was also in her 70s at the time of the tragedy. He suggested his client was provoked as they had been in an eight-year-long civil court fight over the sub-division of their property following their divorce.

He said his client was angry because Edda was evasive and arrogant when asked whether she would have attended court on June 4, 2013 for trial to settle that case.

But like the Director of Public Prosecutions Anthony Armstrong, the jury rejected Daniels’ suggestion of provocation.

Armstrong had told the jurors to pay keen attention to the incidents leading up to the murder and that included the fact that mere hours before killing Edda, Umberto said he wished she was dead.