NEMO issues warning about fake Tsunami alert

A fake Tsunami alert has prompted a warning from the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO).

NEMO has said that it  is not responsible for a WhatsApp message relating to Hurricane Matthew and a prediction that a Tsunami will hit the Eastern Caribbean on November 2.

The organization has said that the message did not originate from it or the Met Office.

“Basically this has said to NEMO that we need to be a lot more vigilant- in fact we have a lot of work to do in terms of educating persons as to the official channels of communicating,” NEMO’s  Communications Manager, Kerwin Xavier, told the Times.

Xavier spoke of the need to redouble efforts in helping persons to distinguish between fake and genuine alerts.

He disclosed that NEMO has been putting mechanisms in place to ensure that alerts are sent only through official media outlets, backed up by a presence of NEMO officials on air via video or audio.

“We do not use social media as our first choice, in fact that is not right now part of our protocol and if we were to use social media we would attach audio or video of the authority figure from the organization.” Xavier told the Times.

He explained that if a user of social media did not compose a message and cannot verify its origin or content, the information should not be shared.

“Do not forward it, do not rebroadcast it,” Xavier declared.

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