Former NCA President wants governments to facilitate recall of exploding phones

Former President of the National Consumers Association (NCA), Kingsley St Hill, has said that it is imperative that consumer friendly governments facilitate the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Manufacturers of the device have confirmed several cases of the phone exploding.

The Guyana government just recently ordered suppliers of the phone to immediately halt sales and ordered consumers to stop using the device.

Kingsley St Hill told the Times that Samsung had recalled the phone because it is a bad product.

He explained that especially as World Standards Day is being celebrated on October 14, there cannot be a different standard for the United States and Guyana.

“I expect our Bureau of Standards and the Ministry of Commerce to be proactive on that and facilitate the recall of the product,” the former NCA President told the Times.

He said he expected that persons who bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on hearing news about the defect in the device would have been smart enough to return the phone to the supplier.

“I would like to think that Saint Lucians are savvy enough to know they have to do that,” St Hill observed.

He stated that the authorities, including the Bureau of Standards, should be proactive enough to guide members of the public on the issue.

According to St Hill, the issue of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to have been raised at an NCA meeting last night.

However he explained that the meeting was postponed to next week.

The former NCA President said that the issue will be raised then.

He said once the device has been recalled, suppliers have to pay back consumers who bring them in.

“When companies recall their goods they have to give the people back their money – that is what consumer rights is about,” St Hill told the Times.


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