King cites need for human resource audit in Labour Department

Labour Minister, Stephenson King, has said that there is need for a human resource audit in the Labour Department.

King said the audit would help determine the quality of personnel in the department.

“Are there people who just ended up being in the labour department because they were not wanted in another place? Are those people truly committed to labour relations as a career? Have we given them an opportunity for training?” The former Prime Minister asked.

King was a guest last night on the DBS Television programme, Newsmaker Live with host – Timothy Poleon.

He asked whether staff of the labour department are competent to perform their duties.

King spoke of the need to equip the labour department not only with the tools but the intellectual capacity and skills to be able to serve workers and ensure the development of a suitable industrial relations climate.

The minister recalled that the National Workers Union (NWU), one of Saint Lucia’s biggest trade unions had written to him on a number of issues, including disputes with employers.

In a September 21, 2016 letter to King, the NWU had asserted that workers were losing confidence in the Department of Labour and called on the minister to investigate “industrial atrocities” being committed against employees.

He said the NWU had highlighted a number of issues which must be dealt with.

King disclosed that the Employers Federation and the Saint Lucia Manufacturers Association have also written to him highlighting issues which they believe the labour department and the Minister of Labour must pay attention to, to ensure that the industrial climate is enabling.