EU Delegation gets status update on OKEUH

Press Release:-Henriette Geiger, the European Union’s Head of Unit for Development Coordination for Latin America and the Caribbean, accompanied by other official from the EU Delegation visited the Owen King EU Hospital for a status update of the readiness of the hospital for eventual opening.

The EU Officials were received by the Commissioning tea  m for the new hospital, Senior Managers of the Victoria Hospital and staff of the National Authorizing Office attached to the Ministry of Economic Development.

Deputy National Authorizing Officer, Aviva St. Clair explained that the NAO’s Office acts as a bridge to facilitate dialog between the Government of St. Lucia and the European Union and to ensure all engagements and transactions follow EU rules and regulations.

“This project has been one of the most substantial projects that the European Union’s ever done in this part of the world and we’re very happy with the progress of it. We’re drawing the close at this point. We’ve installed all the equipment and we are just doing the final activities to ensure that the building is fully equipped and we stand ready to support the Ministry of Health in the process of commissioning the hospital and making it available to patients”

The Owen King EU Hospital is a long standing project of the EU which they hope could be brought to conclusion very soon. The EU delegation had earlier on Wednesday October 12th met with  Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet who outlined the government’s vision and direction for healthcare in St. Lucia in relation to the new hospital.

“So for him it is key to find a sustainable solution to run the healthcare in the country. So the hospital in only one part of it. So we were looking at health insurance possibilities for all St. Lucians and for us the European Union it’s key to find a sustainable operating modality for the hospital because a lot of the investment of the European taxpayer has been invested here and I have to say that the hospital I see today is the nicest hospital I have ever seen. So from a design point of view and a technical point of view, infrastructure point of view, not even talking about the view that cannot be paid by anything it’s priceless. I have to say it is a first rate facility and what we want to do is bring it into operation as soon as possible so all of St. Lucia can benefit from this facility.”

Geiger added that though the EU is eager to hand over the facility as early as possible, the EU is also cognizant of the high cost of running and maintaining the facility  and prepared to stand by the Government of St. Lucia to bring this project to full realization.


  1. M
    October 15, 2016 at 8:21 am

    It would have been good to get some context from StLuciaTimes about the long road to where the hospital is at present as well as the issues still arising from the POV of others not in government. Missed opportunity to raise some questions.

  2. M follower
    October 15, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    all I knows is you got really nice smile M , I don’t think you got a good perception of what’s going on here,once again it’s government invision and since government is corrupt especially PM ,so everybody paden every body purse that why can’t ever win court cause PM pay off police and lawer same with PM vision for health care ,we could have better solution if PM just stick with playen golf and let’s stop being told what to say and do,PM got crazy vision for health care and hospital.