S.O.S concerned about interference in abuse cases

Speak Our Saint Lucia (S.O.S) has expressed concern about interference in cases of abuse and wants the police to take action.

The organization’s Communications Officer, Norbert Williams, spoke on the issue last night.

“We have friends of the court – we have lawyers who are supposed to be upholding the law and being the examples in our society; yet still we have victims of crimes in Saint Lucia – sexual or physical abuse, who are called by lawyers,” Williams asserted in a telephone call to the DBS Television programme – Talk, with Rick Wayne.

The S.O.S official said those lawyers are not associated with the case.

He claimed that the sole purpose of calling the victims of the offences was to interfere with the case.

S.O.S was launched earlier this year  as an advocacy group against abuse including child molestation, rape, incest and other sex crimes.

Williams  observed that victims are coming forward as they should.

But he lamented that there are “ignorant and stupid people” who continue to attack victims.

He made specific reference to cases of physical abuse.

“You have particularly women who come forward and challenge these witnesses and when they can’t challenge their character enough to verify that the story is true they will finally fall back on the bible – ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ and that really gets my goat,”  Williams said.


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