Fashion Council Presents Work Plan

Castries, Saint Lucia. October 13, 2016: The Saint Lucia Fashion Council was established by Cabinet Conclusion 193 of 2016 as the umbrella body for all stakeholders in the island’s fashion industry. The mandate of the council includes advocating on behalf of members through influencing the drafting or creation of legislation and policy directives for the development of the Fashion Industry; enabling strategic partnerships to facilitate greater market access; and introducing needed resources for maximizing product and/or services delivery.

The Fashion Council presented its work plan for 2017-2018 at the conference room of the Royal Saint Lucian Resort and Spa on Thursday.

Marketing Specialist, Cindy Eugene asserts that the Fashion Council does not serve as a replacement for any existing or upcoming industry associations, but as a cohesive channel for the development of the industry on a national and international level.

The Saint Lucia Fashion Council is the first of its kind in the region and forms part of a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Commerce and Department of Creative Industries to advance the agenda of all partners in the fast growing fashion industry on island.

“The global fashion industry holds enormous potential for the local fashion industry, however we can only realize our true potential and value if we are prepared to make the changes necessary to accrue the benefits;” said Chairperson Joycie Mederick. “The operations of the council will be driven by a well-developed plan, and efforts will be made to ensure that we conform to international standards, but remain relevant to the Saint Lucian context.”

Deputy Chairperson Taribba doNascimento underscored the benefits of membership, including marketing, product placement and exposure to global markets and tradeshows.

The Saint Lucia Fashion Council will soon launch its fashion education program, and technical (TVET) certification for members.

The Department of Creative Industries within the Ministry for Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government will continue to work closely with all players to ensure equitable and sustainable progress for Saint Lucia’s fashion industry.

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