NCA backs calls for Samsung to explain Galaxy Note 7 failure

Saint Lucia’s National Consumers Association (NCA) is supporting calls for the manufacturers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to explain the product failure.

The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled after widespread reports of failures and the device exploding.

In a letter to the manufacturer, Consumer International (CI) called on Samsung to properly address the continuing safety issues with the device.

There have been reports that replacement of the defective phones with “safe” models resulted in the same failures.

In the October 13, 2016 letter to Samsung, CI Director General, Amanda Long, called on the company to publicly explain exactly how the failures happened.

Long asked why the problem was not identified in testing before the devices were released to the market.

She requested information regarding what practices Samsung will put in place to ensure this or similar incidents do not happen in the future.

“Samsung must not simply repair the problematic handsets and market to developing countries as this will be deemed by the consumer movement to be exporting the risk to markets that may have much less protection for consumers,” Long wrote to Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon, Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Electronics.

Saint Lucia’s National Consumers Association is one of CI’s over 200 members around the world.


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