‘Get Through’ funeral expenses being met

The daughter of the late Calypsonian “Get Through’, today received a financial contribution towards her father’s funeral.

“I am thankful for the support from the CDF (Cultural Development Foundation), the community, the Calypso Association and the Rastafarian Community in assisting my father,” Telcar Lissa Forde said after accepting a cheque during a brief ceremony today.


The cheque was presented by Mac Stephen Aubertin, the Chairman of the ‘Chanting for Get Through’ Committee.

The committee had organized a fund-raising concert featuring several local performers to raise money to pay for the medical bills incurred by an ailing ‘Get Through”, whose real name is Cyril Felix.

However ‘Get Through’ passed away as the concert got underway.

Mac Stephen Aubertin told today’s ceremony to present  the funds raised from the event that the money will now go towards the late calypsonian’s  funeral expenses.

He disclosed that receipts from the show totaled some $15,600.

Aubertin explained that before the event, a decision was taken to present sixty percent of the takings to ‘Get Through’ while the rest of the money would go towards a fund for calypsonians.

While noting that the fund has not yet been established, he said there was need to meet immediately to decide on its form and structure.

“The fund will be established in the shortest possible time,” Aubertin said.

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