Saint Lucian arrested in Spain for alleged sexual assault

A Saint Lucian national is reported to have been arrested in Spain on a charge of sexual assault.

According to the on line publication, Crew Centre, the twenty-eight year old male is a Disney Wonder crew member.

He was arrested on sexual assault charges in Cadiz, Spain, while the cruise ship was in Dry dock in Navantia shipyard, the publication reported.

Crew Centre quoted Diario de Cardiz as saying that  the incident took place on Saturday morning on the ship ‘Rhapsody’, which serves as a hotel for Disney Wonder crew and other workers during the dry dock.

According to a statement from the alleged victim who is also working on Disney Wonder,  it all started at a crew party on board the ship. After the party she and the alleged perpetrator went in his cabin where they had consensual sex, and spent the night together.

It is alleged that in the morning he tried to convince the woman to have anal sex which she refused to do it.

However it is alleged that the detainee penetrated the female.

After the sexual assault the victim, identified as a 27 year-old British national contacted Cadiz police department whereupon the alleged perpetrator was arrested.

The judge decided to send him to prison without bail, considering that the story of the woman offered no contradictions, Crew Centre reported.

It said if found guilty, the Saint Lucian crew member can be sentenced to from one to three years imprisonment.