Decaying corpse found in Sans Souci house

A decaying corpse was discovered in a house at Sans Souci, prompting an investigation by the police.

The discovery was made on Sunday afternoon, the Times was informed.

Neighbours reported that someone decided to investigate a foul smell that was emanating from the building.

The neighbours told the Times that an unnamed individual peeped through the window of the house and saw a body in a sitting position on a chair.

The body was covered with flies, they said.

According to the neighbours who spoke with the Times, the house had been occupied by a man identified as Kevin Elias, who appeared to be in his early thirties.

He was described as being well-spoken, polite and friendly.

They told the Times that Elias had fallen on hard times, with the result that the home had no electricity or running water.

Persons in the community reportedly tried to support him as best as they could.

However one resident told the Times that Elias had said that he was frustrated and fed up with life.

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