Natural Fertility Center St. Lucia Celebrates 2 Years of Serving Public and Creating Awareness

The Natural Fertility Center St Lucia is celebrating 2 Years of serving the Public and creating  awareness of Health and Wellness in the community.


The NFCS opened its doors in 2014 with is main objective to promote Health and wellness to the community and beyond, providing educational information on taboo subjects such as miscarriage, Sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.


The Center boasts an array of services such as PCOS Management, Weight and stress management to professional couples counselling, the NFCS is proud to be the  first and only Fertility Center in St Lucia representing an open door to those with infertility problems.


Director and Fertility Therapist Practitioner Mrs Charlotte Byrne would like to thank the public for their support. “We have impacted many life’s so far in a positive way and we will continue to do so, a little change in lifestyle habits and a combination of alternative therapies we have made dreams come true and we enjoy seeing happy couples holding their little miracles.”  “We also appreciate that some ladies are still unable to conceive having complication such as tubal factors or male factor infertility and we remain supportive of these conditions and provide IVF support to those willing to access assisted reproduction.


Mrs Byrne would also like to remind couples who are trying to get pregnant, don’t give up, remain strong and determined and follow your dream. “We do encourage women to seek help if they have been trying for longer than a year and are not getting pregnant or if they are over 35 years and have been trying for more than 6 months. Women’s fertility does decrease with age specifically once a women  reaches 35 years old when fertility starts to head down hill, egg quality is also compromised”.


Natural Fertility is likely to be for clients with recurrent miscarriage or health issues or conventional diagnosis such as painful or irregular cycle, ovulation issues, pelvic pain, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, premature ovarian failure, hormonal imbalance, low AMH or fibroids.

The Center  also helps those planning a pregnancy after 40 and those who are over or under weight.

“Our team excel on helping couples to conceive naturally and have healthy babies, and our staff are compassionate and understanding.”


Our motto is that “At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how your story will end.”


To find out more about the Natural Fertility center and Services provided please contact the  office 4527308 / 7145006 We are open Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm or find them on facebook facebook/justfertility

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