Prison security to be reviewed after ‘Dirty White’ escape

Security at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) will be reviewed following yesterday’s daring escape by Hanson ‘Dirty White’ James, Deputy Director, Leonard Terrence has disclosed.

Terrence disclosed that ‘Dirty White’ had escaped from prison once before this year and it took the authorities two days to recapture him.

The inmate, who has been described as high risk and dangerous, is still on the run as a manhunt continues to recapture him.

Terrence has appealed to residents of Ciceron where the escapee resided, to inform the authorities should they become aware of his whereabouts.

He said they should not approach the escaped inmate or try to apprehend him.

“We have special teams that are responsible for doing this,” the BCF Deputy Director said.

He stated that he did not know whether ‘Dirty White’ was armed.

The prisoner was serving time for stealing and  gross indecency.

Terrence said authorities were not sure whether ‘Dirty White’ had left the Dennery area where the BCF is located.

“He is a unique character, so once you see him you will have a pretty good idea of who he is,” he observed.

Terrence denied reports that ‘Dirty White’ had attacked prison guards before escaping.

He said information did not indicate that the escapee overpowered or assaulted any officer.

The BCF Deputy Director explained that the inmate was cleaning his maximum security unit and probably took advantage of that to escape.

The prisoner managed to scale the prison’s razor wire fence to get out of the facility, he said.

Terrence praised the media for their coverage of the escape, which is currently under investigation.

BCF has been operating for about twelve years now and has recorded some thirteen escapes.

One of the most memorable escapes involved two Venezuelan and one Saint Lucian inmate who made a daring prison break on August  8, 2010, with the help of heavily armed masked men.

The masked men traded gunfire with prison guards.