MASL Represented at ACP Congress of Press Associations

Press Release:-President of the Media Association of Saint Lucia (MASL), Clinton L. Reynolds is attending the first ever Congress of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) press clubs being held at the Ubumwe Grande Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda from October 20-21, 2016.

 The Congress brings together national press clubs of ACP countries with a view to establishing a dynamic and sustainable umbrella Federation of ACP Press Clubs.

It is hoped that this new federation will serve as a platform to raise awareness about ACP issues, as well as enhance the visibility of the ACP Group. The expected outcomes include:

(i) Establishing contacts with press associations and press clubs in all ACP regions. A database of contact details of all the participants will be created and shared to all members;

(ii) Informing and making Press clubs/associations aware of the work of the ACP Group in relation to communications;

(iii) Setting a framework for establishing the ACP Press Clubs Federation to be agreed by participants, with a founding charter endorsed;

(iv) Recognising the ACP Press Clubs Federation as one of the main communication channels of the ACP Group of States. In this regard, ACP bodies may be informed of its creation via a press release or announcement by the Secretary General;

(v) Initiating plans on joint activities to foster intra-ACP cooperation through communication platforms and building partnerships, via the Federation;

(vi) Identifying focal points as key conduits for implementation of next steps;

The first day of the Congress provides the global context in which the ACP Press Clubs will operate as well as hear, directly, from the press clubs what is happening on the ground in ACP regions, including challenges, opportunities, and best practices faced by these bodies. To ensure ownership, the input of participants will be elicited to shape how an ACP Press Clubs Federation can function, for what purpose, and through what channels.

The second day deals with more detailed and structural matters, including the endorsement of a founding charter, basic institutional framework, and next steps.

Mr. Reynolds is among four representatives from the Caribbean region participating in the Congress: the others are Anthony Newbold of the Bahamas; Jewel Forde or Barbados, representing the ACM; and Neil Marks of Guyana.

The establishment of the ACP Press Clubs Federation (ACP PCF), will constitute a network of national press clubs and/or press associations open to all ACP countries, working in collaboration to strengthen the viability and professionalism of media bodies in these regions, and to foster intra-ACP communication, cooperation, and networking with similar international bodies around the world.

It is foreseen that the ACP-PCF, once established, will be the main forum through which the ACP Group, as an organisation, engages with the media in member countries.