Allen Chastanet describes IMPACS report as ‘horrible’

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has described the report compiled by Jamaican investigators who probed alleged extra-judicial killings by local police officers as a ‘horrible report.’

Chastanet said he has read the document which is commonly referred to as the IMPACS report.

” I read the report – the report makes some damning statements; it is a horrible report. It is an embarrasment,” the Prime Minister declared.

However he noted that the document does not mention the names of any witnesses.

Allen Chastanet spoke out against his predecessor, Doctor Kenny Anthony.

Then Prime Minister, Anthony had read excerpts of the IMPACS report on national television.

The excerpts that were read included claims that police officers kept  a death list, staged killings of suspected criminals  and planted weapons to justify their actions.

Chastanet expressed the view that the nature of the report made  Anthony’s statement even more  unreasonable and irresponsible.

“He is a lawyer, so you are telling me – it’s either he didn’t see it and therefore pronounced on the guilt of people without seeing the evidence, or as the former DPP said ‘hearsay and innuendo’; because that’s what it is without the actual evidence, or he saw it and he became the judge and jury by himself,” the Prime Minister stated.

Chastanet said Anthony should never have said what he said.

Asked how committed he was to ensuring a resolution to the  issues raised in the IMPACS report, the Prime Minister said he was “dead serious.”

In this regard Chastanet asserted that he will do all that is within his legal right to do without interfering in the case.

“That is what I am not going to do – so my role as the Executive of this country was to make sure that the DPP was appointed and to make sure that the DPP has the necessary resources to do the job,” he said.

The Prime Minister was a guest Wednesday night on Newsmaker Live, which was aired on DBS Television.