Parking meters for Castries

Parking meters are to be introduced in Castries.

The Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, reporting on a meeting between its board members,  Castries Mayor Peterson Francis and his Deputy – Anselma Calderon, said the introduction of parking meters is high on the agenda of the Mayor and City Council.

According to the Chamber, discussion on the issue is ongoing with relevant government ministries.

In a news release today the private sector organization disclosed that it had continuing dialogue with the Mayor and his Deputy yesterday on the need to revitalize and beautify the City of Castries.

The Chamber said the Mayor updated the organization on progress so far on some of the critical items planned.

It stated that the Mayor was pleased to inform that the process of recruiting persons to fill vacancies in the City Constabulary was well advanced.

“The Spate of robberies which have occurred in the central business district has been placed high on the agenda in seeking the most appropriate remedy. The Chamber is pleased to note the collaborative stand taken by the Chief of Police in working with the business community and the City Council,” the press statement said.

It noted that the City Council advised that it continues to be concerned over the indiscriminate vending on City sidewalks which poses serious safety risks for children, pedestrians and drivers.

The issue of the unhygienic conditions under which fish is sold on the side of the road was also raised, the Chamber explained.

The meeting  highlighted the need to work towards a plan to provide the vendors with safe and improved working conditions while addressing the hazards of vending on the sidewalks.

The Chamber agreed to work closely with the City Council and the Ministry of Human Services in addressing the vagrancy situation and shortly a meeting would be convened to chart the way forward, it was observed.

The  Chamber disclosed that it has broached discussions with the Permanent Secretary in that Ministry, Mr. Donovan Williams and as early as next week a meeting will be held to discuss “this important issue.”

The organization said it  offered its support for the efforts at improving the functionality of the City and  strongly recommended that the Ministry of Urban Renewal be engaged to participate and guide the plans for the City’s development.