Grandmother: Baby in jail lacks necessities

The grandmother of a baby girl who was born recently while the mother was in jail, has told the Times that that the child lacks basic necessities.

The grandmother claimed that the authorities lied in giving the impression that volunteers are helping to care for the newborn.

The child is reported to have been put in a special unit of the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BFC) where her seventeen year old mother can care for the youngster.

The mother is serving time for intentionally causing harm.

The grandmother of the newborn told the Times that her daughter, who is reported to have entered the BFC while pregnant, is locked up like an animal.

In relation to the newborn baby girl, she asserted that the child has developed a rash.

She told the times the baby has no pampers or powder.

In addition, the woman declared that reports about volunteers assisting the imprisoned teenager with her child are untrue.

She told the Times that despite having seven children herself, the youngest being three years old, she is trying to help her imprisoned daughter.

With regard to the charge of intentionally causing harm, the mother of the jailed teen described the wound inflicted by the teenager on the complainant as a scratch, not a stabbing.

She told the Times that the complainant, of her own free will,  even visited the young mother in prison Wednesday.

“She wanted to see the baby,” the woman said.

According to her, the complainant has always been saying that she wanted to bring the matter with the incarcerated teen to an end.

The mother of the jailed teenager, who did not want her identity known, also dismissed reports that her daughter is due to be released next month.

The  imprisoned teenager is now mother to two children by different fathers, it was revealed.