Dropouts blamed for school break-ins

The National Principals Association (NPA) is concerned about a recent spate of break-ins at schools on the island and NPA President, Olivia Marcellin Mathurin, believes dropouts are to blame.

Mathurin voiced the concern at a general meeting of the organization today at the CSA Centre, Sans Souci.

Speaking to the Times, she said that the break-ins are affecting the education system.

“We realize that it is being done by teenagers – I can say students who have dropped out of school and they are ganging up with others. They know where to find different things at the school and they are reentering the schools,” the NPA President asserted.

Mathurin spoke of measures to prevent the break-ins.

But she told the Times she would not disclose that those measures are.

“Most times you do that the criminals are out there listening and they act on the information,” the NPA President noted.