Chase Gardens family ‘saved’ by tree

Members of a Chase Gardens family say they were saved by an avocado tree when the brakes of a vehicle heading down the Chase Gardens Hill failed.

The vehicle, reportedly with just the driver on board, crashed into the avocado tree a few feet away from a house.

Jason Napoleon who lives in the house told the Times that the incident happened shortly after two O’ clock on Saturday morning.


“We were sleeping and heard a loud impact. When we came out we saw a vehicle almost in the house but we got saved by a pear tree,” Napoleon said.

Ironically, the Chase Gardens resident told the Times that he has often been told to cut down the tree.

But Napoleon said the trees and bushes around his home serve as a protection in the event that vehicles coming down the hill go out of control.

He observed that Saturday morning’s incident was not the first such occurrence.

Napoleon estimated that in the past there have been at least seven cases of vehicles going out of control when descending the hill.

He disclosed that there were four children in the house at the time of the latest incident.

No member of the Chase Gardens family was injured.

The driver of the vehicle also reportedly escaped unscathed.

He told the Times that he continually admonishes the children about being at the roadside and after this morning’s incident, they recalled his warnings.

Napoleon stated that the driver had apparently dropped someone off in the area and was continuing on his way when the accident occurred.

On Thursday afternoon a minibus crashed into a house at Rock Hall, resulting in injury to several students of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College who were passengers.

The driver of the vehicle said the brakes had failed as he drove down the hill.


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