Another victim of alleged Con Artist speaks out

Another victim of the alleged Con Artist who lives in Dennery has spoken out, telling the Times that a soft heart rather than gullibility caused her grief.

Esther Phillips who operates a clothing store on St Louis Street told the Times that she is yet to recover over six hundred dollars from a woman who claimed that she needed a loan to pay for her grandmother’s medical expenses.

Phillips recalled that the woman used to be a customer of hers.

She said in July of this year she encountered the woman and inquired what was wrong, whereupon the response was that a coconut had fallen on the head of the woman’s grandmother.

According to Phillips, the woman claimed that the grandmother was at Tapion Hospital and said she wanted a loan  of $365 which she needed to make up eighteen thousand dollars for the grandmother’s surgery.

Phillips said she loaned the woman the cash and later an additional  $300 which the woman said she needed to pay Tapion Hospital for a tube to insert in her grandmother’s mouth.

She told the Times she realized that the woman was a Con Artist after comparing notes with another female who had loaned her money.

Phillips showed the Times a slew of text messages between her and the woman who took her money, after which the woman blocked her on Whatsapp.


The police recently arrested a woman in connection with reports of obtaining money by false pretense but according to information obtained by the Times, subsequently released her.

The woman also allegedly obtained several passports from people for whom she promised to obtain jobs.