Raise Your Voice condemns sexual abuse of six year old

Press Release:-Castries Saint Lucia, Monday, 07 November 2016: Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc.:

Last week we heard via news outlets the horrifying rape and sexual abuse of a six (6) year old child, we continue to be angry in the moment, however, a sustained demand for long term actions to create public education and awareness and to amend existing laws relating to rape and abuse of innocent children is consistently absent from the conversation.

Rape and sexual abuse of children both male and female is widespread within our society, to further compound this horrible situation our Criminal Code refers to rape of our children as Sexual Intercourse.

We believe the situation requires immediate attention, therefore, we propose a three (3) year joint public education and awareness campaign by the Departments of Education, Social Justice and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Justice and National Security be considered to educate the citizens on this dangerous and often times hidden evil within our society.

At a time when we have more female parliamentarians, we are yet to hear a strong, sustained and powerful voice of representation for women and children nor strong condemnation or any promised action to systematically deal with the violence women and children continue to endure.

The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia needs to address this as a matter of urgency by providing the necessary finances to the mentioned departments to create public awareness and to ensure the capacity of the justice system is upgraded to deal with violations against our women and children.

Our women cannot be good mothers if they are brutalized and afraid and our children cannot be our future if they are all traumatized and violated by the age of ten (10).