Self defence advocated after spate of rapes

The Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes is encouraging men, women, and children to learn self-defense techniques so that they are less likely to be at the mercy of rapists and other criminals.

“There are simple Karate or Jiu Jutsu moves that allow a small person to disable a much larger attacker if executed effectively,” the Committee asserted in a statement.

The statement commended the work of the Association of Professional Martial Artists (APMA) in providing self defence training to victims of sexual violence and to the citizens of Saint Lucia at large.

The Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes issued the statement in the aftermath of reports of the attempted rape of a ninety-three year old woman in Desruisseaux last week.

“Thankfully this elderly woman was able to fight off a drunk man in his 50s, however, many victims of rape are not so lucky,” the Committee noted.

It reminded the public that no one is truly safe from the depraved desires of rapists.

According to the Committee, rapists will target men, women, and children regardless of age or appearance.

“The nonsensical stereotype of a rape victim being a scantily dressed woman who is “asking for it” by her glamorous appearance has no grounding in reality,” the organization observed.

The Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes reiterated calls for the establishment of sex offender registries both locally and regionally in order to combat the scourge of rape and other sex crimes.

It stated that proper policies to support and protect victims of sex crime are also important in rehabilitating victims and increasing the number of successful convictions of sex criminals.

The organization commended the Gros Islet Debate team on its upcoming Youth Debate on the implementation of a National Sex Offenders Registry , to be held on Saturday, November 12th at the Gros Islet Municipal building at 5pm.