Trump victory could benefit some OECS states?

OECS Director General, Doctor Didacus Jules, has hinted that  some countries of the sub-region may be able to benefit from the outcome of the United States Presidential election.

Billionaire Republican contender, Donald Trump, stunned the world with a shock defeat of Democratic contender, Hillary Clinton last night to become the 45th President of the United States.

OECS Director General, Didacus Jules  said today that he sees an opportunity in the outcome of the poll.

“Certainly I see an opportunity there because listening to the news last night when they said that the Canadian Immigration Website crashed, it seems therefore that there are a lot of people who are making the determination that they should probably move out of the US,” the OECS Director General stated.

Jules asserted if that is in fact the case, for the OECS countries that have Citizenship by Investment Programmes it presents a special opportunity.

He said offering citizenship can be a real boost to those programmes.

“Sometimes in what appears to be a crisis there are opportunities and we need to find those opportunities,” the OECS official explained.

“I don’t think it is for us to cast judgement about the outcome of the US election – the reality is that we have to accept the results just as the Americans have to accept their own election result,” Jules observed.

He said the important question is what are the implications for relations between the region and the United States and how different agreements will be navigated.

“Clearly with Mr. Trump’s election we are going to see an era of stronger US protectionism,” Jules stated.

He recalled that US President elect, Donald Trump, has made certain things very clear – that going forward it will be ‘America first.’

“We have to be guided by that and our Heads of Government – certainly I can tell you when we have the next  Authority meeting and already discussions have started among some of the heads on how do we take these things into account in our discussions and negotiations with the Americans on different fronts,” Jules said.




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