Twins hold unprecedented assembly

Press Release:-They came from far and near. They were from various age groups and different backgrounds. It was the first time that persons born through multiple births (twins,triplets etc..) gathered for an event of this nature.


The assembly took place at the Gros Islet Secondary School Auditorium on Saturday November 05,2016 where nearly 100 persons met to discuss matters pertinent to the lives of twins and other persons who shared the same space in their mother’s womb at the same time.

Dr. Berenice, who accompanied  the delegation of twins from Martinique delivered a very animated presentation on the physiology and social habits of persons born through multiple births. Nurse Juliette Lorna Joseph, is a member of the organizing committee. She summarized Dr. Bernice’s  presentation.

“There are two people in the womb, although they are in different sacks or in the uterus. So therefore, these twins have a special bond between them and a special relationship because they have been together from inception until delivery. What she pointed out is that because they were there together, there is this bond that is sometimes even greater than what they share with their parents. It must be noted that they touch each other in the womb, these are the only sets of people who never know solitude, they always have company and that is why when one twin dies, the other one feels a sense of loss because they feel so insecure that they were there together and one is gone. So these people always go love seeking sometimes. And sometimes they have strong relationships with other people because they tend to make up for their twin. Also, they have a strong protective hands or eye on each other.”

twins-5St. Lucia’s Counsel General to the French Antilles, Her Excellency Yasmine Walcott says she was overjoyed at the experience she had having attended a similar function in Martinique.

 “This is something that I realised that there is a demand for.The St.Lucian public,the twin community have been yearning for something like this so I grabbed at the occasion where Mr. Max Moreau who established his own association in Martinique“Les Enseparables” (The Inseparables) and he thought it would be nice to do the same thing in St.Lucia.I jumped at the opportunity and it was really an exciting moment and I think people are excited,people are looking forward to the next step. I know this is going to reach the twins across the island,the parents of twins and multiple births,so this is something that’s budding and I think it can become a really beautiful project.”

Elda Morris is a parent of twins. She is  very excited about the twins project and sees it as an avenue for social support and networking.

 “ Well it’s very interesting that having a twin,boy and girl,they’re so similar but yet they’re so different in their own way;their personalities,their interests,and that makes it so interesting but I have a very positive network in raising them.Mom, their dad, my aunt, my friends all provide very valuable support and a strong network  in raising them.The questions they ask and even their own interactions make it so interesting and joyful.”

Joyful indeed.That’s according to twin set Alvin and Kevin Alexander from Grace, Vieux Fort who have an exceptionally strong bonding.

“The two of us together, it makes us elevate ourselves better than if we were single. And a lot of people are really proud of us for that. While we were growing up as twins, we never forgot anything. That is why we always engaged each other in history and we discuss with each other what we have gone through.”

The assembly was held in collaboration with the St. Lucia Martinique Association.