Police move to recover supplies blocked

A Police move today to recover supplies meant for St Jude Hospital was blocked when the owners of a building at Corinth where the goods are said to be stored reportedly refused to cooperate.

Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation, Guy Joseph accompanied a team of Police, Customs and other officials to the site this morning.


“We are here to collect some of the supplies that were purchased for the St Jude project a few years ago,” Joseph explained.

He said as an audit was being carried out, five or six different locations were discovered where supplies belonging to St Jude were kept.

According to Joseph, some of the documents were not submitted by Consultants on the project.

“We have to be finding goods that belong to St Jude – these supplies were purchased duty free,” the Minister explained.

He disclosed that all the relevant entities concerned were brought in to verify that what was being done is above board.

Joseph asserted that if goods were purchased duty free on behalf of the government of Saint Lucia for the St Jude project then those persons  responsible for securing the goods must be able to account for them.

The Minister revealed that documents show the goods have been paid for in full.

“We came to collect them so that we can store them on the hospital site,” Joseph observed.

However, he said the authorities have met some resistance from the owners of the business who have refused to allow access to even see whether the goods are there at the Corinth location.

Joseph said goods were stored at five or six other locations.

“There are containers on the wharf, there are containers  still up in Canada – fully paid for and have been  there for over two years; there are supplies in a warehouse  at the back of Renwick, there are supplies at Massade in Gros Islet, there are supplies at Marisule – and a lot of these things we would not have known had we not undertaken that audit that is going on there,” the Minister explained.

It is reported that a warrant is now in the process of being obtained to get the goods that are reportedly stored at the Corinth site.

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