Bail for suspect in Alisha Hunte murder

Bail in the sum of one hundred thousand dollars has been granted to the suspect in the Alisha Hunte murder.

Fifty thousand dollars of the sum is to be paid in cash, with the rest as suitable surety.

On May 18 2011, the island was stunned by by the slaying of  the 22-year-old beauty queen contender who had multiple stab wounds to her abdomen, neck and back area.

She was reported to be pregnant at the time.

News reports  quoted neighbours as saying that they had heard sounds of an argument and loud screams.

Alisha Hunte, originally from Anse La Raye,  was found by her roommate in their Trouya apartment.

Tristan Francis, the boyfriend of the deceased, was charged with the murder.

He made an appearance at the criminal court, Nyerah Court building located on the John Compton Highway,  before Justice Francis Cumberbatch where bail was granted.

The bail conditions for Tristan Francis include surrendering his travel documents and reporting to the police.

The accused left the building accompanied by family members minutes before 11 am.


(PHOTO ABOVE: Accused (r) with father in front)

The defendant was represented by Attorney at Law Leslie Mondesir.

The next hearing is scheduled sometime in May 2017.