Tourist Board responds to CSA letter

The Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB) has responded to a letter from the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), seeking clarity on the fate of workers at the tourism body.

The CSA had written the SLTB seeking an urgent meeting after reports that some sixty employees of the agency were due to be terminated in the transition to a Tourism Authority.

An estimated twenty-eight of the workers are represented by the CSA.

The SLTB has acknowledged receipt of the union’s November 9, 2016 letter and has said that a meeting date will be communicated when the board of the organization is in a position to do so.


  1. Calvin
    November 12, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    While I can understand the anxiety of the potentially affect workers, unfortunately, we as a nation must face a clear fact — our government’s civil service is hopelessly bloated with too many staff getting overpaid for what they deliver.

    The government’s salary budget is a proverbial millstone around the necks of all Looshans, and it is not sustainable.

    Efficiencies need to be realized, and tough decisions need to be made on trimming the size of our nation’s bloated civil service.

    This is an unfortunate legacy of the previous government, which has resulted in a cadre of civil servants who feel a clearly inappropriate sense of entitlement as to the money they make in comparison to the value they provide to the helping the government deliver on its mandate. And, from a fiscal management standpoint, the fact that we must borrow money to pay our bloated civil service is a travesty to every other hard-working Looshan in the private sector.

    Those who walked before us were titans in how they largely busted their tails to help build this country.

    Our new government has a potentially page-turning opportunity to finally make things right after these past years of fiscal bayteez.

    We must engage our elected officials, asking questions, and demanding more.

    Find your representatives at

  2. Anonymous
    November 12, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    “This is an unfortunate legacy of the previous governmen…” Where have you been since 1979? “…of the previous government…” indeed!!! You should have said “… of previous governments…” The partisian, tunnel vision experienced by this nation regarding things political is amazing. The prophet IsIah may well have written the following about us: “…Go, and tell these people, Hear ye indeed but understand not; and see ye indeed but perceive not…” Chapter 6 verse 9 and you may read to the end of verse 10. When, Oh, when will you remove blinders from your eyes Helen that you and you children may see?

  3. The Watcher
    November 12, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Even in the days of “De Fader of de nation” the size and attitude of our civil authorities was a cause of concern… ask Brudder Josie.
    And all along we NEVER REALIZED that the goberment is comprised of the political directorate (the Administration which we wrongly called the Government of “Whatever” Party) and the civil authority (the Civil Servants – the real masters of this universe – the most powerful organization in Saint Lucia). But the “beyteze” will continue since it is not exclusive to one group or the other. PAY ATTENTION NOW… FORGET 100 DAYS, WAIT FOR MID TERM BOTH FOR THE USA AND SAINT LUCIA…incidentally which will coincide.
    So now we wait…

  4. Anonymous
    November 13, 2016 at 11:52 am

    Lets put our knees down, surrendering our lives and pray to the almighty for grace,mercy & forgiveness. The times ahead ONLY GOD JEOHVAH CAN SAVE US!!