Sandals’ Raide Hippolyte Takes a Stand Against Cancer – in Heels

You can usually see Raide Hyppolyte going about his daily business as a Supervisor at Sandals Halcyon in St. Lucia. Normally unassuming, Raide surprised his team members when he announced his intention to participate in the ‘Men in Heels 2016 Challenge’, which is held to help increase awareness of cancer.

In October, the three Sandals Resorts in St. Lucia came together for a number of initiatives geared toward raising awareness of breast cancer, including a day when all staff wore pink clothes or pink ribbons, and Sandals was a Platinum sponsor of the annual “Walk for a Cure” event.

It’s on the heels of these activities that Raide chose to participate in the ‘Men in Heels’ obstacle challenge this year. “It was just a spontaneous decision which was a rewarding one, but this experience opened my mind to the support of issues where there is a need for awareness to the causes and effects of chronic non-communicable illnesses such as cancer. It is a bold way of raising awareness and I applaud the seven other men who were brave enough to join me in this Year’s ‘Men in Heels’ competition. I also applaud the organizer for coming up with such an initiative”.

Born in the community of Dennery, Raide is the third of three children. He describes himself now as an extrovert, highlighting his work at Sandals for helping him to make the transition from shy and introverted.  

It is refreshing to listen to Raide and the way he talks about himself as he goes about his daily life including his duties at Sandals. “Optimism, persistence, and gratitude drive me on a daily basis. My goal is to one day be self-sufficient and fully involved in music, music production and performing and to have a big family to support me. I enjoy playing the guitar, singing, composing, site-seeing, basketball and fitness when I’m not at the resort entertaining guests. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to entertain with some of my hobbies”.

It was his passion for music and performing that pushed him to pursue a job as a playmaker at Sandals La Toc. After two and a half years and a lot of hard work and dedication he was recommend for the position as the Supervisor at Sandals Halcyon and was chosen for the job.

Raide believes that men shy away from illness in the same way they shy away from being seen doing feminine stuff. Participating in the 2016 ‘Men in Heels challenge’, he says, has made him a more open minded person and he has more respect for women. As he walks away, he shares the parting comment, “heels eh nothing easy…”.

Raide is the proud winner of the 2016 Men in Heels Dash for Cash event, overthrowing last year’s winner, who was going all out for the three-peat. He struts away with a host of great prizes – Two tickets on Jet Blue; EC$1000.00; a Makita cordless drill; a case of pinehill juices and the 2016 trophy; He stands at the ready to defend his title next year.