Swim-A-thon a Resounding Success – OECS National Swim Team in Saint Vincent

The Saint Lucia Amateur Swimming Association (SLASA) considers the 2016 Swim-A-thon, which was held at the Rodney Height Aquatic Centre on Sunday 6th November resounding success.  The purpose was to raise funds for the National Swim Team to travel to Saint Vincent for the 26th OECS Swimming Championships from 10 to 13 November, 2016.  Both, competitive and recreational swimmers contributed by swimming sponsored laps.  A BBQ, organized by members of various swim clubs, was just what the swimmers needed after working up an appetite.  It was also popular with the general public and raised additional funds.  SLASA thanks all participants, volunteers, sponsors and supporters.

A highlight of the day was the guest appearance of Olympians Keri-anne Payne and her husband, David Carry – also an Olympian.  Keri-anne won an Olympic silver medal in 2008 and the World Championship in 2009, both in the open water distance of 10 kilometres.  Both motivated our OECS national team as well as interested swimmers by interacting and answering questions.  David made the day for some of our young swimmers, when he jumped into the water with them, giving some first-hand advice.

Our 33 swimmer team is currently at the Shrewsbury Aquatic Centre in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines competing for medals and records at the 26th OECS Swimming Championships.  We wish them success and a fair competition in the spirit of sportsmanship.

Photo caption: David Carry and Keri-Ann Payne answering questions of OECS swimmer Ziv Reynolds (boys 11-12)