BCF Official wants best for freed teenage mother

Deputy Director of Corrections, Leonard Terrence, is hoping for the best for a teenage mother who was released from the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) this morning.

The 17 year old entered the prison on May 6 this year when she was 4 months pregnant for intentionally causing harm.

She gave birth at Victoria Hospital.

Terrence said he was hoping that something good can come out of the situation involving the youngster.

“It is one of those moving moments and anybody who  experienced it, like I experienced it today – it was not a joke, it is serious and I am hoping she can get the  support when she goes out there to re-engage her in some academic programme – some skills programme and at the same time  raise a child,” the Deputy Prison Boss stated.

He expressed the hope that all the outpouring of support for the young female that was evident in the media can be translated into tangible support to help the teenager and her child.

Terrence asserted that  the teenager was not ill treated.

The inmate herself, in an exclusive interview with the Times earlier today confirmed that she was treated well.

Terrence said the incident should be a lesson not only for young people but everyone else not to end up in prison.

“If you want to talk about young people, it is not a good thing for young people to be in prison,” the BCF Deputy Chief responded when asked whether it was a lesson for young people.

“The law is the law – our job is not to retry the case. Our job here was to ensure that her term at the facility was spent properly and we did everything we could have given the circumstances under which we operate and I believe that throughout that time we did very well and I am hoping that we can move on from there,” Terrence said.

He urged young people to stay away from actions than can put them in trouble.