American visitors to Saint Lucia hail Trump!

American visitors to Saint Lucia are hailing Donald Trump’s recent win at the Presidential elections in the United States.

Trump’s epic defeat of  his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton shocked many political pundits.

New Jersey resident, Scott Quagliato, interviewed by the Times, declared that in the long run Trump’s win will be good for the United States and the world.

“We need change – we need to get away from the same old, same old,” Quagliato asserted.

Asked what about Donald Trump was attractive, the American visitor said:

“He is not a politician, he is a businessman and I think the government needs to be run like a business and not have all that fat – spending all that money and engaging in cronyism.”

Quagliato believed that descriptions of the US President elect as being racist and anti-immigration were exaggerations.

“He is a good man to the core – he’s a little abrupt maybe expressing himself, but he certainly has good intentions,” the tourist told the Times.


(Scott Quagliato)                                                  (Juan Carlos Lopez)                                                   (Reuben)

“It is very, very good,” Juan Carlos Lopez said of the Donald Trump win.

Lopez told the Times that the vote in favour of the outspoken multi-billionaire was one against the establishment – a rebellion against the politicians, he said, while a small group  other American visitors with him appeared to agree.

According to Lopez, the system has been ‘rigged’ for quite a while.

He noted that the media have not been very truthful.

Lopez, in response to concerns about the President elect’s stand on immigration, asserted that Trump is ‘unfiltered’.

“He is not a politician – he is not polished like a politician, he is just a real guy – unfiltered, says what he thinks, says it like it is and perhaps he needs to take back some of the words and refine his language,” he observed.

Speaking in Spanish, a visitor from Puerto Rico told the Times he was hoping that the Trump win would be good for everyone.

“As a Puerto Rico resident we are part of the United States we are hoping that the Trump win will bring about a lot of changes,” Reuben told the Times.