Diabetes moonlight walk

Press Release:-Walking in the moonlight is something lovers do quite regularly and that was the intention of the St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association (SLDHA)  when they organized this special triple location simultaneous walk on Monday November 14, World Diabetes Day. 

In Castries, the much publicized walk brought out  just a few dozen persons who demonstrated that the rains could not stop their love for persons living with diabetes and to support efforts in finding a cure for this dreaded disease.

Dr. Martin Didier, the Patron of the SLDHA, is an Internist . Speaking immediately after the walk, he lamented his disappointment with the number of persons who participated and revealed that there is a frightening number of persons with what he called  “impaired fasting glucose”, a condition which is on the borderline for actual diabetes. 

“These people are going to join the pool of diabetics eventually as they grow older if they do nothing about it.”

However, he continues to appeal for  more positive attitudes in the quest to attack diabetes.Natasha Lloyd Felix ,the director of the Bureau of Health Education agrees that the messages need to different. 

“On a day like today we allow it to get a little more elevation, a little more presence in terms of the communities of persons we target, having discussions on the issues, looking at what we can do differently and what we can do better because information constantly evolves, it changes and so there’s always a chance for persons to learn new ways and better ways of doing things. “

Indeed, there are better ways of doing things  as we learn from little Layla Marville, a 13 year old Castries Comprehensive Secondary School student who lives with type 1 diabetes and frequently in a  coma, sometimes  lasting 3 day.

“Before I didn’t use to drink water. I used to drink a lot of juice and soft drinks but now I’m supposed to drink a lot of water.I didn’t like a lot of vegetables now I’m supposed  eat it. I used to like a lot of junk food now I cannot eat junk food so I try to balance it.”

World Diabetes Day 2016 ended in the moonlight with support from Massy Stores, St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association and the Lions and Leo Clubs of Castries, Soufriere and Vieux Fort