Former Police Chief wants stop and search patrol

Former Police Chief, Cuthbert Phillips, has advocated the creation of a special police patrol during the Christmas season to stop and search suspicious characters at night.

The former Police Commissioner’s farm house at Cul de Sac was broken into at the weekend and a so far undetermined number of items stolen.

Phillips told the Times it was about the seventh time that such a break-in has occurred at the same location.

“What I am recommending is that the police get a special squad, sometimes you can cancel leave for the police band and all these things – you bring back men from leave and have a special squad at this time of the year to do  night stop and search,” he said.

Phillips expressed the view that the searches can be conducted into the wee hours of the morning.

He noted that during the night and early morning criminals might be arrested carrying bags and other stolen items.

Phillips said especially at Christmas time there is an upsurge in break-ins and the snatching of valuables.

He acknowledged that private citizens have a responsibility to secure their homes and other property.

But the former Police Chief noted that even when citizens put burglar bars on their homes, criminals use hacksaws to cut through the bars.

He told the Times that alarms go off all the time but the criminals are aware that it would take law enforcement officials some time to get to the premises where the alarm has been triggered, giving the bandits a window of opportunity to escape.

In addition, Phillips noted that even where criminals are caught in the act on security cameras, it takes a lot of time for them to be brought to justice.

He asserted that bandits are becoming so bold that they at times do not even bother to wear masks but aggressively confront citizens and rob them.


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